Life in Reverse

Whoa. Over 2 months since the last post. It’s been busy over here in the Wood Paneled Station Wagon. Much to the Little Pirate’s dismay, the First Mate arrived on July 8. We made it to the hospital with just minutes to spare, the First Mate almost making her...

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The Daycare Update

I’m going to be a massive failure at PTA meetings. At least I know this in advance so I can set my expectations low.The Pirate’s Daycare had a meeting – mostly to update the parents on construction on their main location which will bring the kids back together under...

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Summer! We’re So Glad You’re Here!

Also published on the Huffington Post Did anyone hear that thud? It was the real estate market, coming to a screeching halt. Sigh. A few weeks ago something changed. I knew it was coming several months ago because all the signs were there. Spring never really sprung...

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The Daycare Conundrum

When we were little, most moms stayed home with their kids. If kids went anywhere during the days it was to a relative’s house. I’m not sure I knew of anyone who went to daycare, though I didn’t have a cell phone at 2 years old to text my friends and ask them. It was,...

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I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®

I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®, Snarky Commentator, Mama to two maniacs, Rescuer of Corgis and wife of a really laid back man.

I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®

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